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2021 is a year of Hope
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Learn Android

Android is the necessity of this generation. This Versatile programming Language is now a days used by the world’s largest companies for everything from building web applications to data science and machine learning. With Indietap Android Course you will be a certified Android Expert that could help you a lot in your career building. So join the class & stay connected with Indietap for lot of more upcoming courses

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Know your teacher

Naveen Jha is one of the most known faces in Technology in Subcontinent. He is dedicated Tech Partner of World Health Organization in India and has a vast knowledge & Experience of various programming languages. Learning with him means you are certainly going to lot more than what you expect.

Naveen Jha

Ishan Arora is a Tech Master with vast teaching experience. His command over the subject matters is unparalleled. The way he interacts with students, makes coding a lot easier for them.

Ishan Arora

A young enthusiastic teacher who has a great command over subject matters, Jyotisna Pandita is a teacher with whom you are really going to learn and enjoy coding. She has a great interactive teaching method which students love. Being part of her class is certainly going to help a lot.

Jyotisna Pandita

Study Curriculum

S.No Topics Covered
1 Basics of Android
2 What is Android?
3 History and Version
4 Installing software
5 Android example
6 Dalvik VM
7 Android Emulator
8 AndroidManifest.xml
9 file
10 Gradle Files
11 UI Widgets
12 Working with Button
13 Toast
14 Custom Toast
15 Button
16 Toggle Button
17 Switch Button
18 Image Button
19 CheckBox
20 AlertDialog
21 Spinner
22 AutoCompleteTextView
23 RatingBar
24 DatePicker
25 TimePicker
26 ProgressBar
27 Activity, Intent & Fragment
28 Activity Lifecycle
29 Implicit Intent
30 Explicit Intent
S.No Topics Covered
31 Fragment Lifecycle
32 Sharing app data
33 Android Menu
34 Option Menu
35 Context Menu
36 Popup Menu
37 Layout Manager
38 Relative Layout
39 Linear Layout
40 Grid Layout
41 Staggered Grid layout
42 Adaptor
43 Array Adaptor
44 ArrayList Adaptor
45 View
46 GridView
47 WebView
48 ScrollView
49 ExpandedListView
50 RecyclerView
51 Android Notification
52 Firebase implementation
53 Notification API
54 Creating Notification Builder
55 Setting Notification Properties
56 NotificationCompat.Builder class
57 Android Web Services
58 Consuming REST APIs and SOAP APIs
59 Difference between them

Benefits of Android Gold Certification Course with Indietap

  • All the sessions is Live & Interactive where you can ask & clear your doubts instantly in the class only
  • This course is made for all as it starts from basic level & goes till intermediate level.
  • Classes are taken by
  • Every Class has extra 15 mins for doubt solving
  • Our trainers are cherry-picked subject experts with vast experience.
  • You will master Android with module-based hands-on sessions.
  • Video Recordings of all the classes are sent to you, so that even if you miss a class, doesn’t worry you.
  • Regular assignments are sent to enhance your logic making skills.
  • This is a certification course, so after end of the course, you will get a Android gold certificate .


A: This Course is beneficial to all as it begins with basic level. So there is no barrier of age limit with the course

A: Android is one of the top-notch domains that is trending in the industry. There are career opportunities in various profiles and that too on a very high package. Absolute beginners and experienced individuals who want to explore higher programming languages are opting for this course

A: Indietap does NOT stream classes. All our classes are Live and Interactive, and give students a classroom feel.

A: The classes will be in small batches and maximum size of the class would be 20 students only

A: The classes will be of 75 minutes. 60 mins for the class and 15 minutes for doubt solving.

A: Your trainers are experts in Android with a Vast experience of the subject. All Indietap Expert Teachers are Hand-picked by our expert panel.

A: Once the Indietap Gold Certification course is over, you will gain expertise in Android and will be a proficient player to tap Android tools in- depth.

A: Nothing to worry even if you miss a class as you will get the class repository video of all the sessions which will help you to go through the topics you missed.

A: Yes, you will get a Android Gold Certificate after this course is over.

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