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Haripriya. S

Haripriya is a renowned English Literature & Language personality in India. She has authored several storybooks, the latest addition to which is Billikin's Contes, a book that is being loved by kids across India. Her Command of English is unparalleled & taking these classes with her will surely take your knowledge in English as well as your confidence to another level. She knows the way kids love to learn and under her mentorship you can enhance your English Grammar, Writing skills & Spoken English a lot. Indietap is privileged to present her in our small group initiative for children across India.

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English Language Learning

English in current days is not only necessity but essentiality. It helps you build your confidence, it helps you in cracking interviews, and many more. IndieTap presents this fabulous offer for the upcoming Wren & Martins. Learn & Enhance your Grammar, your writing skills, your reading ability & your spoken English in just 30 classes

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Your Study Calander

Day Topics Covered
Day 1 Noun and Pronoun
Day 2 Verbs and Adverbs
Day 3 Proverbs
Day 4 Use of is/am/are or has/have
Day 5 Adjective
Day 6 Prepostions and conjuction
Day 7 Determiners
Day 8 Editing and Omission
Day 9 Articles
Day 10 Participle
Day 11 Interjection and Punctuation
Day 12 Tenses
Day 13 Tenses contd….
Day 14 Idioms and Phrases
Day 15 Unseen Passage
Day 16 Jumbled Sentences
Day 17 Notice Wrting
Day 18 Paragraph Writing
Day 19 Subject Verb Agreement
Day 20 Subject Verb Agreement contd..
Day 21 Speech
Day 22 Modals
Day 23 Conjuction
Day 24 Debate
Day 25 Determiners
Day 26 Discriptive Writing
Day 27 Active and Passive
Day 28 Clauses
Day 29 Spoken English
Day 30 Spoken English

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