6 Months Instructor-Led Live Online Classes.

We make you prepared and get ready to be a Python Programmer

Key Features of the Course:-
  • Weekdays and weekend classes as per your convenience
  • 30 Plus live-interactive sessions
  • Free-Live Webinars on Industry trends and Success Stories
  • Study materials and online class contents
  • Access to Learning Management System
  • Recorded classes in case the live sessions are missed.
  • Live Coding and Projects
  • Dedicated Doubt Clearing Sessions after every module completion
  • 6 Months On-Job Training with Work Experience Certificate
  • Prepares You for the Global Certifications Exams (PCEP, MTA)
  • Job-Interview Preparations with Written-test assignments
  • Resume Building Tips
  • Free Placement Assistance

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Benefits of being a Certified Python Programmer

  • Higher Entry Level Salaries, Prestigious Work Profile.
  • A Stepping Stone towards a Global Career in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Extensively used in Multiple Disciplines like Finance, Web Development, Mapping Applications, Robotics, etc.
  • You can become a Game Developer which is a highly in-demand job globally
  • If You aspire to go abroad to a country like Canada, Australia, or The USA, you become highly employable there.
  • The annual salary for an entry-level python developer is INR 500000/- in India, Approx 48000 Canadian Dollars in Canada, and 54000 US Dollars in the USA. ( Based on Indeed Survey)
  • India is the future hub for Python Programmers as per various research conducted.

What our students say about us

Know your teacher

A Software Engineer, A Coding Enthusiast, A Serial Technology Entrepreneur, Ex- HCL and Founder and MD of an established web development company in India. He is a Master of programming languages and a passionate teacher and trainer. Enjoy a great learning experience with the master himself with IndieTap Programming language courses.

Naveen Jha

Ishan Arora is a Tech Master with vast teaching experience. His command over the subject matters is unparalleled. The way he interacts with students, makes coding a lot easier for them.

Ishan Arora

A young enthusiastic teacher who has a great command over subject matters, Jyotisna Pandita is a teacher with whom you are really going to learn and enjoy coding. She has a great interactive teaching method which students love. Being part of her class is certainly going to help a lot.

Jyotisna Pandita

Study Curriculum

Sr. No. Topics Covered
1 Introduction to Python Language, Install Python, Python Language Syntax, Python Keywords and Identifiers, Python Comments
2 Python Variables, Python Data Types, Python Operators
3 Python Control Flow – Decision Making
4 Python Control Flow – Looping
5 Python Control Flow – Branching, Python Numbers
6 Python Strings
7 Python Lists
8 Python Tuples
9 Python Sets, Python Dictionaries
10 Python Arrays
11 Python user defined Functions, Python Built-in Functions
12 Python Built-in Functions, Python – Modules
13 Python User Input, Python File Handling, Python Exceptions Handling
14 Python Classes and Objects
15 Python Methods, Python Constructors
16 Python Inheritance
17 Python Polymorphism
18 Python Abstraction, Python Encapsulation
19 Regular Expressions, Database Access, Python Multithreading
20 Python Networking Programming, Python CGI (Common Gateway Interface) Programming, Python GUI Programming


A: This Course is beneficial to all as it begins with basic level. So there is no barrier of age limit with the course

A: Python is one of the top-notch domains that is trending in the industry. There are career opportunities in various profiles and that too on a very high package. Absolute beginners and experienced individuals who want to explore higher programming languages are opting for this course

A: Indietap does NOT stream classes. All our classes are Live and Interactive, and give students a classroom feel.

A: The classes will be in small batches and maximum size of the class would be 30 students only

A: The classes will be of 75 minutes. 60 mins for the class and 15 minutes for doubt solving. (Weekend And Weekdays Classes)

A: Your trainers are experts in Python with a Vast experience of the subject. All Indietap Expert Teachers are Hand picked by our expert panel.

A: Once the IndieTap Certified Python Programmer Course is over, you will gain expertise in Python and will be a proficient player to tap Python tools in- depth.

A: Nothing to worry even if you miss a class as you will get the class repository video of all the sessions which will help you to go through the topics you missed.

A: Yes, you will get a Certified Python Programmer after this course is over.

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