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Python is the necessity of this generation. This Versatile programming Language is now a days used by the world’s largest companies for everything from building web applications to data science and machine learning. With Indietap Python Expert (Gold Certification Course) you will be a certified Python Expert that could help you a lot in your career building. So join the class & stay connected with Indietap for lot of more upcoming courses

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Your Study Calander

Class No. Curriculum
Day 1 Introduction to Python Language, Install Python, Python Language Syntax, Python Keywords and Identifiers, Python Comments
Day 2 Python Variables, Python Data Types, Python Operators
Day 3 Python Control Flow – Decision Making
Day 4 Python Control Flow – Looping
Day 5 Python Control Flow – Branching, Python Numbers
Day 6 Python Strings
Day 7 Python Lists
Day 8 Python Tuples
Day 9 Python Sets, Python Dictionaries
Day 10 Python Arrays
Day 11 Python user defined Functions, Python Built-in Functions
Day 12 Python Built-in Functions, Python – Modules
Day 13 Python User Input, Python File Handling, Python Exceptions Handling
Day 14 Python Classes and Objects
Day 15 Python Methods, Python Constructors
Day 16 Python Inheritance
Day 17 Python Polymorphism
Day 18 Python Abstraction, Python Encapsulation
Day 19 Regular Expressions, Database Access, Python Multithreading
Day 20 Python Networking Programming, Python CGI (Common Gateway Interface) Programming, Python GUI Programming

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