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Rupesh Kumar Sinha, is one of the most reorganized Mathematics Tutors in India. With 12+ years of teaching experience, he has helped many students to excel their math results in 12th boards as well has guided many to rank amongst the best in IITs and NITs

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Vedic Math

Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: It is about understanding the concepts and Solve the problems as quick as possible . At Indietap we strongly believe that you can understand the concepts of Maths best in live session with tutor. So Take these 30 live & interactive Classes, Practice a bit & be amongst the Toppers of Maths.

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Your Study Calander

S.No Topics No of Classes
1 Introduction to Vedic Maths 1
2 Vedic Maths Formulae 1
3 High Speed Addition 1
4 Super Fast Subtraction 1
5 Genius Mental Multiplication Techniques 2
6 Lightning Square 1.5
7 Easy Square Root 1.5
8 Rapid Cube 1.5
9 Quick Cube Root 1.5
10 Excellent Division 1
11 Vinculum 1
12 Simple Decimals 1.5
13 Fun Fractions 1.5
14 Smart Percentage 1.5
15 Enlighten Algebra 1.5
Total 20

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