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About Us

Top notch personalized online tuition by our certified and experienced tutors in 2021

“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.” – Donna J. Abernathy

The world is getting digital and so is India. Gone are the days of traditional tuitions when after a hectic 6 hours of school you had to rush to tuition. IndieTap tutor panel is the most advanced and revolutionary Online Tuition App. We know that this generation is a lot smarter, and their classroom should be smart too. So we connect students instantly with our highly experienced and certified tutors who will make studies a rewarding experience. Even the most complex topics are taught in a very simplified manner on a one to one live screen and an intuitive whiteboard, so that you reach your academic goals with ease. Our highly professional tutors are active 7-11 to help you, so that your are prepared for even a last minute doubt. And you choose, Entire Syllabus or a Doubt, we are always there for you.

Every Child is a parents dream, and we understand that parents today want to be informed, and be involved with what is happening in their Childs education. Indietap was designed and built by parents with active participation of students, and detailed research in determining the shortcomings of current solutions that are being offered. Indietap not only allows Parents to always stay informed over the progress of their kids, but is the only site that allows parents to look into a live class from their APP for 5 minutes. That’s right, you are probably in office but want to check on your Childs tuition, now its one click to a live view of your kids ongoing tuition. For students the one to one model ensures enough opportunity for children to have all their questions and doubts explained. Particularly for shy kids, Indietap provides a great platform and allows opportunity for kids to develop a working relation with tutors to have all doubts cleared without any peer pressure. We also empower the students to manage their classes through the easy to use tutor panel. Kids can schedule, reschedule and even extend classes in multiples of 10 minutes, (provided ofcourse that the tutor doesn’t have a pre scheduled class at that time). So yes, there are no restrictive time bounding restrictions on Indietap. You plan and Schedule your study time and we would love to help you out.

So don't waste your time, every moment of yours is valuable, just join hands with us and the rest is our responsibility to take your knowledge to limitless boundaries.