Indietap is built with teachers, students, and institutes in mind.

Change your online class to a smart class with fabulous features of Indietap.

You have a lot to get at Indietap Tutoring

Tools tailor-made for teachers

TTo make classes easy and Interactive, Indietap enables you to share document, audios, slides, chat, video and desktop with students. Built-in polling feature makes it engaging and energetic. Recording your lectures makes it accessible for students to revise at exam time which ensures the best results for your institution./p>

Live whiteboard for presenters and groups

When using the whiteboard tool in Indietap, you get 10 blank whiteboards and each one of them could be jumped whenever required. Presenters can also zoom, highlight, draw and write on presentations making your points clearer to remote students. The whiteboard has multiple access if the teacher allows. You get everything you need at Indietap.

Everyone can share a webcam.

There is no limit to the number of webcams. Everyone in the class can share their webcam to make the class more interactive./p>

Indietap Features

Send public and private messages.

Hold visual meetings.

Communicate using high quality audio.

Express yourself.

Group users into breakout rooms for team collaboration.

Poll your users anytime

Share your screen.

Draw together.

Online learning simplified!


Indietap video conference is easily accessible at your laptop, mobile or tablet. You just join the conference using any device, and you are in the class.

Education centric tools

Indietap is India’s leading video conference tool for education. Almost all other tools are oriented towards the professional requirement, but we are more centred towards educational needs.

24x7 Support

Our Support team is active 24x7 for solving any issues you face.