Privacy Policy

IndieTap respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information. This Privacy Policy explains the manner in which the Company collects, receives, stores, uses or handles yourinformation in relation to your accessing/using the Company’s website – and / or any other related applications or platforms (through any medium whatsoever including through any internet connected device, whether computers or portable devices including mobile phones) (together referred to as ‘Platforms’). By using/accessing the Platforms or by registering on the Platforms, you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy and you understand and provide your consent to the Company collecting, possessing, storing, and handling your personal / sensitiveinformation or data and also to the use thereof. Terms used herein but not specifically defined shall have the meaning accorded to them under the User Agreement.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to any information that may be collected by, or disclosed by you to, or which comes to the knowledge of, any other person you may deal / interact with (including a Service Provider/tutor or another Consumer) over any physical or electronic medium. You are advised to consult with such third parties directly regarding such parties’ privacy policies / information collection or storage practices. You are also encouraged to take adequate care to protect your personal computers/other internet connected devices and also any data/information you may store therein including your user details/passwords.

While the Company will take reasonable efforts to inform registered users of the Platforms of any amendments to this Privacy Policy that are being carried out and the dates from which such revised versions will come into effect, please note that the Company may, at its discretion, amend, alter, update, replace or otherwise modify the whole or any part of the Privacy Policy, from time to time. In your own interest, you may like to monitor / check this Privacy Policy periodically to stay on top of any such changes that may be made . You acknowledge and agree that your continued access/use of the Platformswill constitute acceptance of the revised terms, you shall be bound by the terms thereof.

Please also note that where any third party link / product is hosted on the Platforms (such as any third party payment portal), your use / access thereof may cause you to leave the Platforms / our servers, and as such you will be subject to the Privacy Policy / Terms of Use prescribed by such third party. The Company will not accept any responsibility for your failure to take adequate precautions to protect your information/data.

We collect, process, store and handle inter alia the following information when you access the Platforms including (a) information / particulars that you may provide us including any registration information, (b) other information you make available or (c) information that may be collected automatically by the Platforms:

· Account registration information including your name, gender, contact details such as your phone numbers, email ids, addresses, locational information, password and such other information you may provide or make available or otherwise input on the Platforms. In the event, you upload any pictures including but not limited to profile pictures, pictures of your residence/workplace, neighbourhood, or other pictures pertaining to your use/access of the Platforms.

· Relating to your usage/activity. your browsing activities / transactional history, preferences, settings, your bookings, job requests, acceptance, payment details etc.

· Relating to your usage, communications with the Service Providers, locational information, communication logs, data usage etc.

· Information pertaining to your devices, including computers/mobile phone, internet/phone connection and IP addresses

You understand and provide your explicit consent to the collection of such information notwithstanding that such information may include information by which you may be personally identifiable, and also the devices you use to access our Platforms, your internet connections etc. Please ensure that any and all information that you may provide pertains solely to you. However, in exceptional cases where you may provide any information about third parties (including personal or sensitive information pertaining to them), it shall be your responsibility to ensure that you do so only with their express consent. Please note that any information that is otherwise freely available in the public domain will not be considered as ‘your information’ or as your personal or sensitive information. Similarly, any information that is published/posted/uploaded/shared by you on public sections of the Platforms or elsewhere, will not be considered ‘your information’ or as your personal or sensitive information.

Please note that the Company does not sell your personal information to any third parties without your express consent. Your information is primarily used for improving your experience on our products or services to you and for optimizing your use of the Platforms.

The Company may also use your information in connection with:

· To continue to provide, maintain and continue to make available various products/services offered via our Platforms. For instance, sending you information related to your Tuitions, provide your information to interested Consumers/Service providers, authenticate your information/information related to you etc.

· Improving our Platforms including developing, fine tuning new features, designs, safety features etc.

  • Internal purposes such as:

· Providing you a customized experience of the Platforms, including personalization of your experience per your use and preferences

· Optimizing your experience on our Platforms

· Contacting you in connection with your use/access of the Platforms or any other service / product availed by you, sending you information in relation to your use/access of the Platforms (including sending you information related to Consumer/Service Providers)

· Monitoring your usage on the Platforms, and in connection with monitoring or addressing issues relating to security, prohibited or unlawful use

· Enforcing the terms of the User Agreement

· Providing services / products availed or offered by you in the Platforms, and offering / marketing other related services or products including in connection with your use / access of the Platforms

  • Provide recommendations to you:

· General advertising / marketing purposes and targeted advertising;

· To contact you via e-mail, phone calls, text messages or otherwise including in relation to the above.

Disclosure to third parties

While the Company strives to minimize the disclosure of your information to any third parties, please note that disclosure to third parties may nevertheless be required in connection with your access/use of the Platforms, the provision of any product/services in relation thereto, monitoring Platforms use, or and in connection with advertising / marketing purposes. By using / accessing the Platforms, you consent, agree and acknowledge that the Company may share your information with any third parties.


· Please note that we share certain requisite information (including your Mobile Number) with Service Providers / Tutors for the purposes of enabling Service Providers to contact you and offer you the Services you may have requested for. We may also use your location based information & contact details and also your device usage/transactional information, to send you promotional messages/information of promotional events/offers that we believe may be of interest to you. In this regard, please note that you will have the option to disable GPS or other location tracking functions at any time, in the event your device permits you to do so. In such an event, some features of the Platforms may no longer be available to you. Kindly refer to instructions if any that may have been provided by your device manufacturer/service provider regarding performing such functions on your device.

Service Providers / Tutors:

· Please note that we share certain requisite information (including your mobile number) with prospective Consumers / students / parents registered on our Platforms, for the purposes of providing you with any job requests that interested Consumers may make, thereby enabling you to offer appropriate services as sought for.

· Please also note that as Service Providers / Tutors, you will also be bound by any authentication/reasonable security or verification processes that the Company may introduce from time to time. You hereby authorize the Company to collect and store all your identification proofs submitted. Where you have provided identification proofs/photographs etc.(including without limitation copies of your address/identification proof, or Aadhar card numbers, and any certificate) the same will be collected and stored by the Company. You understand and acknowledge that by using/registering on the Platform, you authorize the Company to store all such information, use such information for authentication and/or other reasonable verification purposes, as the Company may deem appropriate and also to share therelevant information (including without limitation your photographs or personal and professional identification details) to any relevant persons (including without limitation to law enforcement agencies, prospective consumers) at any relevant time.

The Company may also share information with its employees, other personnel engaged by it or its representatives for any reason, including in relation to your use / access of the Platforms, the provision of any products / services in relation thereto. In such cases, the Company will typically execute appropriate confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with such persons. The Company may also disclosure your information to its financial partners (banks / payment gateways) in connection with any payment portal / gateway or other facility that such partners may make available in relation to the Platforms.The Company may also disclose any information in compliance with any statutory or legal requirement, at the request of any court, forum or any statutory or governmental body or authority, at the request of any law enforcement agencies.

Notwithstanding anything contained herein, please note that the Company does not undertake to maintain the confidentiality of any of your Content that you may post, upload or make available on the Platforms. Without prejudice to any other obligations the Company may have under this Agreement, you hereby authorize the Company to freely share, upload or publish your Content on the Platforms, and share all your Content and any data or information (except sensitive personal information) to any other person, it may deem appropriate.

Period of retention: Please note that the Company may retain any data or information for as long as it deems necessary in connect with its Platforms, with a view to optimizing user experience on the Platforms. It is possible that some such data may be retained for such purposes even after your specific usage or after your account on the Platform is suspended or terminated.

Review: Please note that the Company is not, in any manner whatsoever, responsible or liable for the accuracy or authenticity of any information provided by you. Please take care to ensure that all information provided by you is accurate at the relevant time. If you are a registered user, you may, at any time log in to the Platforms, and review / modify the information provided by you and displayed on the Platforms. Where any request is received from you to review / amend such information, the Company will in good faith take such efforts as may be feasible to amend such inaccurate or deficient information. However, please note that there may be cases where reviewing / modifying your information (such as in cases where the information is published or shared with third parties), may not be feasible or may involve disproportionate time, effort and costs or may jeopardize the privacy of others or may be extremely impractical. In such cases, the Company may decline to entertain requests to amend / modify any information.

Withdrawal of consent: In the event you are desirous of withdrawing your consent, you may do so at any time by email at, and in such cases, the Company shall have option of not providing you access to the Platforms / any services or products thereunder

Security measures: We have implemented reasonable security measures and practices in relation to your information protection. However, please note that no security system is impenetrable.

The Company does not assume any responsibility or liability for, or in connection with, the disclosure of any data/information pertaining to you, on account of factors beyond our control or on account of any unauthorized third party access / errors in transmission, any fault/error that arises in relation to any of your acts/omission. Please note that while the Company takes all reasonable steps to protect your information/data, you are advised to take appropriate care in ensuring that your information/data remains secure. In the event you share any details whatsoever to any person in connection with your account with the Platforms, the same shall be at your sole risk.

Grievance Redressal: Please address any complaints / queries to the Grievance Redressal Officer Mr. Naveen Jha at