For Parents

Yes Parents do have a different app

Indietap knows the value of your ward's education and hence we give you a live view of your child's tuition.

There are many features like White Board, Video Conferencing & Screen Sharing etc. Along with this Indietap Tutor App gives certain copyright features also like tagging feature.

we have copyright tech that let's you Tag and multi tag anything or any topic. So when you are revising for a test you just enter the relevant tag and you get the lesson or lessons you did on that topic. This will save a lot of time of your child as he can directly move to desired topic and he need not go through entire archieve video of 10-20 hours just to revise one topic.

It is valid for entire year.

Our Motto is to build every child's future so the classroom consists of either one to one or small groups of 4-5 students so that tutor can pay special attention on everyone.

You can get details about our fee structures over Indietap tutor website. We also offer various attractive packages which you can again get on our website.

Yes, the amount for unused classes would be refunded. Go through our payment terms and refund policy under terms and conditions section

For Students

You can click on student portal on Indietap Tutor website. It will take you to the login and Sign up page. You can sign up from there. If you have already registered, you can just login with your registered email id & password.

You can click on forgot password. We would send you the code to reset your password.

Yes you can schedule it as per your availability

You can get online tuitions for all the subjects from class Kg to class 12th

Yes till 11pm our tutors are active to help you. You can connect with them for revision and to get your doubts cleared.

For Tutors

You need to teach one to one or small groups of 4-5 students at a time.

Yes, you can schedule your own timing as per your availability

For one to one tuition it is of 60 mins, for group classes extra time slot of 10-15 mins is there for doubt clearance.

You can get details of the same by connecting us to our registered contact number or mailing us at