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You have a lot to get at Indietap Tutoring

Schedule your own time table

Just be online at the time you are free, and let the students connect with you

MLN feature

Just connect us with 2 more teachers and let them connect 2 more, at every level you earn some extra incentive from Indietap. Once you reach level 8, we make sure your incentive almost doubles your income at Indietap

Get paid for every minute

If your class time is extended by even 5-10 minutes, we ensure that you get paid for even those extra 5-10 minutes

Your Profile speaks for you

The better your profile is, more is the probability of students to connect with you

How to become a tutor at Indietap

Sign up by filling a small form at

Update your profile with details, certificates, profile picture, videos etc.

Once verified by our team, your profile would be activated for students to connect

Enjoy Teaching

Why Indietap is a great platform for Tutors

Regular payment transfer: Your payments would be credited to your account twice a week

Digital 2 way whiteboard: To make teaching easier, we provide digital whiteboard on our platform

Best value: You get the best value for your tutoring

A professional profile: Very soon, we would be moving outside India and your name may soon be a brand across the globe.