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All Tutors are onboarded after extensive screening.

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All Classes are on two way live video with an active whiteboard.

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Active search at any time for tutors.

Multiple test sheet & quiz coming soon

Reference Rating

Our reference engine allow you to check tutors ratings against your contacts

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Indietap connects you with tutors in under 5 Minutes

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India's first uberized online tutoring platform that connects you with a tutor in 5 mins and you are into the live class in no time. It is a one to one platform for all concerned (Students/Parents and Tutors). So just connect and enjoy learning

Copyrighted Reference Engine

You may not trust user ratings but you certainly do trust your contact's ratings. Indietap provides you the referenced ratings(copyright) which lets you do a deep dive and check if the tutor has been rated by any of your contacts

Smart Tagging Engine

Indietap has a Tagging Engine (Copyright Applied) which is unique to Indietap Smart Feature. Students can tag the specific topic they are studying which allows them easy reference of their archived video lessons at a later date. Most important as NO one goes over 12-18 hours of video before studying for an exam.

Linkedin like tutor profile

Indietap provides accurate and detailed information about Tutors. This is presented to Students and Parents in an organized Linkedin type format that allows them to make an informed decision on the Tutor they decide on. Great care is taken while onboarding tutors.

Live parent view

Parents today are disconnected from the tuition process, and this is more so for online tuitions, Indietap allows parents an unobtrusive live view of their kids tuition for upto 5 minutes. Direct from their mobile. This is unprecedented and will allow parents to be more informed and attached with their kids studies.

Coming Soon !

IndieTap launching Small Group Classes from Subject Experts

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