Here is How You Can Perform Better in CBSE Class X With Tuitions

by Alaya 24 Oct 2020

CBSE Class X can be a nerve-racking year for many of us for many reasons. We have to worry about our performance in our board exams, decide on your stream, and the realisation that our school years are about to end becomes to sink in. Tuitions become an essential part of many CBSE students' lives in Class X. We here at Indietap, recognise the importance of tuitions and want to make sure that you succeed and perform well in CBSE Class X without the stress and burden of Class X.

At Indietap, have designed a system that ensures students and parents, the best tutors that will guide and aid you to achieve your potential. Along with our state of the art technology and copyrighted features, we have a few pointers on how to perform better in Class X with CBSE tuitions.

1. Circle or Take Note of What You Do Not Understand Before Your Tuitions

This may seem like a fairly obvious tip, but we understand that with our busy schedules, we may forget to take five minutes out and review our problem areas before our tuitions. Try making this a practise before your Indietap tuition begins. This is the best way to ensure that all your doubts are addressed to the tutor during your tuition. With this practice, you won’t forget to ask your tutor to review any problem areas that you may have.

2. Customise Your Tuition Class to Your Liking

One of the biggest complaints we hear about tuitions is that “it is not for me and I prefer to study in a different way”. Studying on your own is very important, but tuition allows you to seek professional help and aid to improve your academic performance. However, a big part of the success rate of your tuition classes depends on the environment and the structure of your class. Suppose you feel that the structure of your class and the method of teaching, hinders your potential growth. Voice out your opinions and ask your tutor to adjust their style to match your needs and likes. It is important to voice your opinions in order for your tutors to understand what works for you. At Indietap, you can also choose our trial class option that lets you have a trial class with a tutor to check their teaching style and teaching compatibility.

3. Do Not Solely Rely on Tuitions

A lot of students believe that they can perform better solely on the basis of their weekly tuition and spend no additional time on their academics besides tuitions. This is wrong, tuitions and tutors are here to guide you and ensure that every concept and doubt that you may have is cleared. However, your academic performance still depends on how many hours you put into the work throughout the year, whether this is a class homework, preparation for a board exam, or assignment from a tutor. Working on your own, along with taking tuitions, will allow you to perform better and make the most out of your tuitions. Tuitions are extremely beneficial, and we recognise it more than anybody else but you must put in the extra effort. If you ever need the extra help or an extra tuition class before your CBSE Class X board exam, Indietap’s amazing calendar option that allows you to schedule classes anytime, anywhere will not disappoint you.

Remember, to enjoy your Class X days and to study smart. What are your tips for performing better in CBSE Class X?

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