When Should You Go to a Tuition/Coaching Centre?

by Alaya 24 Oct 2020

We here at Indietap recognise that everyone’s learning process and methods are different ,and there is no one approach to what works in terms of learning.

This is why it can be hard for students and parents to decide the best course of action for tuition. Should the student go to a coaching centre and receive help for all subjects? Does the student prefer a one-or-one tuition interaction to clear doubts and spend more time on their problem area? There is no one answer for this, but here is a guide to help you make your decision.

For Competitive Exams

Traditionally, while preparing for a competitive exam, many students opt to go to a coaching centre. Many find the learning environment and group-like structure to work better for them when preparing for a competitive exam. While this can be very subjective, coaching centre’s can oftentimes create an environment where students learn from one another. However, some students may prefer to do a one-on-one class, if they aren’t comfortable with a lot of people present during their tuition. At Indietap, we provide our state of the art features to both individual tutors and coaching centres. Now, you can learn in whatever environment you prefer with the advantage of Indietap features like tagging your classes and using our whiteboard.

If You Prefer In-depth Revision

Many of us go to tuitions to revise the content that we learn at school and to improve our performance in class. To receive a more in-depth and hands-on teaching style during tuitions, many students prefer going for a one-on-one class where they get to clear their doubts as much as they want. This is because a tutor can spend more time understanding and clearing a student’s doubts and problems in a one-on-one class rather than a group class. However, this too can be subjective, as many feel that being in a group class allows one to also clear and better understand the doubts that their peers may have. With our tagging feature, you can use Indietap and tag your doubts, no matter what the size of the tuition is and review it, whenever and wherever.

Studying on Your Own Vs Studying with Other People

This is a personal preference, many believe that studying with others, allows them to go through each other's doubts and better understand the subject. On the other hand, students may find studying with a friend distracting and difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. If you prefer the former and like studying with your friends, a coaching centre or group tuition on Indietap may suit your learning style. However, if you find it difficult to concentrate on tuitions with your friends, we recommend trying an individual tuition class on Indietap.

Tuitions for One Subject Vs Tuitions for All Subjects

Do you need tuitions for one subject or for all your subjects? Tuition centres often help students with a wide range of subjects and go through and review these subjects with them. If you need tuitions for more than two subjects, a tuition centre might be a better fit for you. If you need tuitions for one or two subjects that you are having a tough time with, individual tuitions can offer you a more in-depth look into the subjects. On Indietap, you have the possibility of choosing both tuition centres and individual tuitions and see what you prefer.

Remember, there is no one rule on what tuition and teaching method works and is different for everyone. We hope that this guide helps you decide your preference and if not, you can always choose both on Indietap.

Happy learning!

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