Why are Online Tuitions Better than Recorded Class?

by Alaya 31 Oct 2020

2020 has changed the way we view the world and most things; education is one of them. The need for digitising our studying patterns and routine is more necessary than ever before, and with so many options springing up, we wanted to give you an insight into the e-learning world.

Before we tell why we think online tuitions are better than recorded classes, you might have heard the terms “asynchronous” and “synchronous” learning thrown around a lot. These two learning models make the foundations of what we see today in the digital space. So, what exactly do these terms mean?

Synchronous learning refers to real-time teaching and learning that can happen collaboratively and at the same time with a group of online learners or even individually, and usually a teacher, or some method of instant feedback; examples of synchronous learning are online teaching through video conference (two-way video, one-way video, two-way audio), audio conference (two way audio) using satellite or telecommunication facilities. On Indietap, our model is built on synchronous learning, students take tuitions in real-time with the help of our state-of-the-art tools and setup designed to maximise learning.

Asynchronous learning refers to any time, anywhere learning but not connected to real-time, for example, emails, SMS, MMS, surfing e-content on DIKSHA, pre-recorded classes, listening to the radio, podcasts, watching TV channels, etc. So, why does this exactly matter? You might be wondering what the difference between having a one-on-one or small group tuition class or a pre-recorded class on the same topic is? Here is why we think online tuitions is a better way to study, today and tomorrow.

In-Depth Dive into What You Are Getting Wrong

Recorded classes can be a great way to understand a topic, and if you attend a live class, you can even use the chat button to ask questions. However, this experience is better and maximised in an online tuition class designed for you to ask your problem areas and work on what you find difficult. Your tutor will be better able to explain your doubts to you because it is more-attention focused given the audience and you don’t have to compete to have your question answered or for the tutor to only be able to spare a certain amount of minutes to answer your questions because they have to attend to many other questions too. So, if you feel you need a better understanding than the basics and if your doubts have not been cleared, Indietap is here for you. Also, with the Indietap feature of tagging you will be able to tag your tuition classes and later on play the parts where your tutor clarifies your doubts. There is no need to watch or skip between over an hour of footage in the future.

The Tuition Learning Environment

Let’s face it, education has drastically changed since COVID-19, and while we are adapting to online learning, many of us miss the feeling of being in a classroom or tuition. With Indietap, you will feel as if you are in a tuition class, whether one or one or a coaching centre, we want to bring that environment to your homes. Online tuitions can help you schedule your academic life more efficiently rather than missing live recordings and relying on watching the pre-recorded class much later. With online tuitions, you can create your own schedule that works for you and attend your online tuitions just like you would have your regular tuitions. Also, our state-of-the-tools will ensure that you feel as if your tutor is right in front of you. Let’s make the new normal, normal.

Not Performing the Best in a Class or Want to be Ahead of the Syllabus

Whether you feel you can do better in your Physics class or want to be ahead of the class in Geography, Indietap’s online tuitions are designed to do just that. If you think you need extra attention in a subject, have a lot of questions, and can not clarify your doubts well with recorded classes, online tuitions are here for you. With online tuitions, you can help your tutor understand what you need help with and how to design the course to optimize your performance best.

Similarly, if you have to be ahead of the syllabus but do not think that recorded classes get into the depth of the chapter that you are studying. You can always discuss and design the way you want to study with your tutor in online tuition. We, here at Indietap, recognise that the learning process is different for every student and strongly suggest online tuitions as it is designed for your student and provides for detailed and more accessible feedback. The ability to design your class, have an in-depth understanding of the topic, and constantly be able to clarify your doubts makes online tuitions a batter system of learning for many students.

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