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by Gitanjali 27 Nov 2021

Python has transformed the industry with its easy to use and massive libraries besides its expansive applications and productivity. Python developers are paid well and are always in demand. Python, as a programming language is easy to learn which is making many freshers choose to learn this and attempt to go for available lucrative jobs.

How to get an Entry-Level Job in Python? Must follow these steps!

Python has transformed the industry with its easy to use and massive libraries besides its expansive applications and productivity. Python developers are paid well and are always in demand. Python, as a programming language is easy to learn which is making many freshers choose to learn this and attempt to go for available lucrative jobs.

Are you planning to learn this language and go for a job in Python? Do you want to know how will you get an entry level job as a python developer?

Let’s explore this…

You are a fresher, then how will you get this Job?

If you’re a fresh graduate and have learn python from any online and offline Python learning institute, you have a qualification to secure a job in Python. It will help you further, if you have an internship certificate post your certification course but you should always keep working on honing your python skills to get ready to make your dreams come true. Let us find further…how to get a job in python as a fresher.

Ways to get a Job in Python as a Fresher!

Ways to Learn Python Programming to get a Job: -

  • You can join any Online Learning Platform which is offering an inclusive course where you get to learn the basic to advanced python training along with projects and internship opportunities. Duration of these course are usually 3 Months to 6 Months. If you learn Python via any online platform like Indietap, You can be rest assured you’re not missing anything, you will get more insight based on what the job market demands, and also learn live coding and build projects based on your live learning sessions. These courses will cost you anywhere between INR 10000/- to 100000/- depending on the number of sessions or number of projects. Ideal way is to spend around 20000/- to 25000/- for a 6 Months online certification and then spend time on brushing up your language skills during the on-job training.
  • If you are not willing to spend money on your career enhancement, you may also go for any free online tutorials with self-pace learning. But these tutorials are not instructor-led so when you have any doubt or any concept related issues. You will face problems in learning it like a Pro. So, try it at your own risk with no guarantee of success.

There is an increasing demand of Python developers in India so it is advisable to get ready for competition and quickly grab the employment opportunities available for a rewarding career ahead. Now is the time to learn Python but with proper guidance from an expert trainer. The time is not far away when we will see every other person is learning Python language. So, it is important to be ahead of others and become a certified python programmer as soon as possible.

Now you should understand both the ways of learning and choose one for a quick career opportunity and growth.

The Easy Way – Instructor-Led Live Online Course

IndieTap has this Certified Python Programming Course with over 30 hours of instructor-led live online python training along-with exciting live coding sessions and real-time projects. This course will ensure you learn the coding with a Job-oriented approach. You must check it now and join the Certified Python Programming Course by Indietap- An Online Learning Platform for Job-Oriented Courses.

This course comes with a free 6 Months on-the job training which will give you a hands-on experience too with an IT/Product Company. The training will further help you brush-up your learning and make you understand its usage in your regular jobs.

The Difficult Way – Self-Paced Online Tutorials

How will you learn Python through online tutorials, let us find out –

You have to do some research and find out some useful you tube channels run by expert trainers who have uploaded some free online videos, and various other open online resources to learn python using the self-pace learning. You can google those resources and analyse and choose them but

a. Course Curriculum

As a fresher with no-coding experience in Python, you must study the following things to build your basics in Python.

  • Python installation and syntax
  • Basic concepts like statements, variables, and operators
  • Python 2 and Python 3, How is it different with each other
  • Data structures like lists, sets, and dictionaries
  • Decision making and loops
  • Virtual environments
  • Functions and recursion
  • OOP concepts- classes, methods, inheritance, overloading
  • Modules and packages
  • File handling
  • Decorators, generators, iterators
  • Random numbers and regular expressions
  • Exception handling
  • Networking, XML processing, multiprocessing
  • GUI
  • SciPy, NumPy, Pandas
  • Debugging, unit testing, logging, serializing, accessing the database


Indietap’s course curriculum is there for you, just download that by visiting the link

You will understand what is there to study to learn python and become a python programmer.

b. Where to learn

For a self-pace learning using online tutorials, you can visit any online portal which has pre-recorded content on Python Learning or go for an inclusive Live Online Instructor-Led Python Programming course by Indietap.

c. Projects

After you are done with learning about the coding in Python, you can build some personal projects to solve the day-to-day problems. Or, if you feel good about your self-learning, you may also contribute to open-source Python projects like Django.

d. Go for an Internship

If you have finished your Python Online Learning Course, you may go for an internship which Indietap is offering to their students. This will make your resume stronger and make the hiring company’s job easier to hire you confidently and will also provide you some exposure to the industry.

e. Build a noticeable resume

Build a strong resume if you want an attention from your prospective employers. Show you projects and skills prominently in your resume. Join hackathons and mention that in your resume. Mention any hackathons you have participated in, this reflects your seriousness towards your coding career. Indietap Python Programming Course also provides special sessions on resume building and interview preparations for its students. Join that.

What type of Job Profiles available for a Certified Python Programmer?

We are listing job profiles you can prepare and make an attempt to join after the completion of your Python training.

  • Software engineer
  • Front-end software/web developer
  • Python developer/programmer
  • DevOps engineer
  • Product manager
  • Data Analyst/Journalist
  • Educator
  • Financial Advisor
  • Research Analyst
  • Data Scientist

In your first job as a python trained person, you will get a salary around 3-5 lakhs per year. With experience, salaries can go up to 7-8 lakhs in just 2 Years. Remember, there are many opportunities for a trained python techies but you must join a course to train yourself as soon as possible. If you try with honesty, you can easily get a Python job at any big company that you dream to join. Do visit and understand how easily this platform can make you a master in python programming.


(About the Author-This blog is written by Gitanjali, she has done her Python Online Course from IndieTap. She is a Tech Blogger, Designer & Writer. She currently works on her first fictional story book and also writes about coding, photography, digital Learning & technology)

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