How to Stay Focused?

by Alaya 12 Sep 2020

Can’t focus? Had a month to finish a big assignment but now the deadline is in a day? Staying at home and concentrating, can be difficult. Especially right now. The team at Indietap has come up with a list of pointers to help you avoid procrastinating and finishing your assignments thirty minutes before the deadline.

1. Try Creating a Routine

Creating a weekly schedule and designating hours of the day where you work, study, or do something productive can allow you to make better use of time. When most procrastinate, it is because of a lack of self-discipline and a routine in place that helps you allocate time for tasks to be completed. One of the reasons, why many of us feel more productive in a classroom setting rather than at home is because of a designated routine. If you plan and structure your weekly schedule and make a routine out of it, you are less likely to procrastinate. So, next time you have an assignment or an exam due try to incorporate it in your schedule and designate a time of the day where you work on the task. Additionally, if you feel you need more help in a subject but can’t seem to concentrate or work on it consistently, Indietap can allow you to book weekly tuition classes. Our calendar system will also help you better manage your time and create a class-like schedule.

2. Say No to Distractions

One of the biggest reasons why we procrastinate is because of distractions. More often than ever, these consist of social media platforms, a tv show that you’d rather watch than revise a chapter in history or even spending time on a video game. Try creating strict study zones in your room or house, where if possible, you don’t take your phone or laptop. However, if this is impossible, try using apps and software that block websites and apps on your phone for a designated period. Want to study for two hours without any distractions? Use apps and software that block all your distractions for the given period. We recommend the app, Forest, that blocks your distractions for a given period and if you accumulate enough points, plants a tree on your behalf. Furthermore, Indietap is great in helping you have no distractions while you study, too. With our feature, you will feel like you are in a classroom.

3. Don't Be Intimidated.

This is really important. Do not feel intimidated by the work you have. By procrastinating, you automatically decrease the time you have to finish an assignment or revise for an important test. Our advice is to prioritise the work you have to complete first and plan ahead. For students revising for an exam or test, the amount of content to revise can be intimidating and exhausting. We strongly encourage making use of Indietap’s tagging feature that allows you to tag important information during your tuition class and revert back to it as and when you need. This helps lessen your revision time and allows you to revise and be prepared for your exams without any stress. By using this feature, you will be less likely to be intimidated by the work in front of you and significantly decrease your revision period.

4. Set Deadlines for Yourself

Why do we usually finish an assignment right on the day of the deadline? To avoid the stress of last day submissions, try setting deadlines for your assignments. Don’t set the deadline for the assignment on the day of the actual deadline but a few days in advance. Additionally, if you have an important test coming up, try setting up Indietap tuition classes before the last day. Give yourself a few days to go through your doubts and work on them. This will allow you to be in more control of your work and time and better organise yourself. You might end up enjoying the satisfaction of finishing an assignment before the deadline.

We hope that these tips work for you. Make sure to also check out our first blog post on “How to Stay Productive during Quarantine” for additional pointers.

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