Mathematics Class 6

by Nidhi 03 Oct 2020


 Mathematics is all about having a strong knowledge of basics. These topics include the BODMAS Rule, Cube and Cuboid, Prime Numbers, Trigonometry, L.C.M. and H.C.F., Decimals, Set Theory etc. Know your Maths and Score more with the best tutors only on indietap. Clear all your doubts with one tap
ANGLE:   When two lines intersect, at the point of their intersection, an angle is formed. In geometry, angles can be classified according to the size of the angle. The two rays that form the angle are known as the sides of the angle.
There are various types of angles based on their measure of the angle. The types are,
Right angle
Acute angle
Obtuse angle
Straight angle
Reflex angle
Full angle

 RIGHT ANGLE: A Right angle is an angle measuring 90 degrees. Two lines or line segments that meet at a right angle are said to be perpendicular.
ACUTE ANGLE:  An Acute angle is an angle measuring between 0 and 90 degrees.
OBTUSE ANGLE: An Obtuse angle is an angle measuring between 90 and 180 degrees.   

STRAIGHT ANGLE: A Straight angle is a straight line, and it measures 180 degrees.

REFLEX ANGLE: A Reflex angle is an angle measuring between 180 and 360 degrees.

 FULL ANGLE: A Full angle is an angle of one complete turn which is 360 degrees.

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